The Bright Side Of Ignorance: Thomas Bernhard Analysis Part II

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In the past few months, three former classmates of mine have committed suicide; they were all friends of mine and kept me company with their arts for almost the whole of my life and were the ones who really made my existence in the least bit possible. The musician killed (shot) himself because people had no ear for his art. The painter killed (hanged) himself because people had no eyes for his art. The scientist, with whom I even went to primary school, killed (poisoned) himself because people, in his opinion, had no head for science. All three had had to withdraw from life because they were in despair over the fact that the world no longer had the feelings or abilities to take in their art and their science. « Read the rest of this entry »


The Bright Side Of Ignorance: Thomas Bernhard Analysis Part I

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The cheeky bastard

Hailing from Austria, Thomas Bernhard has been known for being caustic in his satire of the world he perceives and entwining it with black humor in the most understated and acumen fashion to where he becomes more than a critic, but a, no pun intended, voice imitator; a living, breathing, and uncompromised joke to mirror what most are simply unconscious of, something that makes his plays all the more sincere and his prose subtly sinister in ways that entice a second glance so you can process that, yes, he was betided as your caricature. In his micro-fiction collection The Voice Imitator, Bernhard touches on a great amount of topics, emotionally, politically, and socially, across 104 stories, two of which invoke an elaborative need to discover a resolve, or rather a reason to resolve. « Read the rest of this entry »

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