Cymatics and the Galactic Opinion

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Cymatics is a breakthrough into the amorphousness and adaptive elements of matter through introduction of sound (video 1 here). There are no claims as to what this means relative to Earth’s or any organism’s evolution, however it brings to mind a number of paths worth exploring. Primarily, what is the music of the spheres if not music of organic energy, something all life would possess, say, through chakra. Secondly, what does this mean for the music we create through the influence, or lack thereof, of this “hidden music”? Thirdly, the definition of opinions on sounds (music) becomes less of an opinion and more of a stubborn hindrance. Fourthly, I’m sure I’ll think of another topic.

Anyhoozen, in the video we see certain frequencies change whatever type of matter into new shapes or arrangements. The type of change depends on the frequency and the matter, but you notice that the change isn’t immediate; it takes about 7-10 seconds. These changes aren’t arbitrary, but they are also neither good nor bad. However, at some point the matter swirls like a whirlpool or, more obviously, a galaxy. At another point in the video (different video here), a black liquid is dropped into a clear liquid, and after some time the black liquid resembles both a human brain with surrounding “galaxies”. Is it not possible that, whatever the music of the spheres/chakras is, they cause these rotations? String theory is already suggesting that gravity doesn’t exist, and because of this they are, like science does, looking for a better “truth”.

What is truth? Bluntly, it’s the best answer a species can digest until proven wrong. This can be proven through the mundane meaning of language, as astoundingly shown in the Greek film Dogtooth, as well as how many times science and religion change their beliefs. So this sounds like truth doesn’t necessarily matter, but that’s not…true(!). It’s blatantly obvious we can’t know all truths, but a lot of them we know because we feel they are what they are. This ties in with chi, energy, interconnection, etc. However, this also means opinions are capricious, and therefore unreliable. In music, with all we have created as a species, we either create to appease no one or everyone. Just compare the Surrealists to Stephanie Meyer or Mr. Bungle to Dallas Green. Is it not yet time to stop saying “well, that’s your opinion” as if there’s nothing more to explore?

Depending on the growth of an individual, one can be at a certain level and legitimately appreciate objectively better art. This is observable through living conditions. If someone lives in a one-bedroom apartment but leaves it trashed all the time, that person is half-assing their living quarters. Not necessarily their life, just their personal haven. However, you do notice crossover more commonly than not. It’s apparent that, in a majority statistic (which could simply be 51%), people who don’t care about their living conditions probably don’t care about the work they do, for themselves or for their employer. Take that even further, do they care about the quality of the art in their life or the quality of food? You can know something tastes good and still know it’s unhealthy. Can you not admit listening to poor music just because you like half-assed music? Or movies? Books? Paintings?

Perhaps, with this hypothetical but all-common, half-assed person, the lesser art fulfills the person because he is on that level. So, when they say “this is good”, does it really mean anything?

So in the creation of music, what is too complex for life-transforming occurrences? Or is the better question what type of music transforms what type of matter, and from there we could see that even simpler matter changes to any tone, albeit different changes, so would the complexity of the music be so strenuous on it that at some point in the future it will change in some way? From this question, what is the music we create today doing for our own personal matter? Does our chakra benefit from the music we can literally feel vibrating in our core or is our bass too loud?  The progression of (real) music seems to be following some sort of path towards spiritual strengthening, and too many examples can be given, but for those who say music is dead need only turn off the radio and television. Unfortunately even the first level of the underground is basically underground pop so we must search deeper. The highest cause of death is an inactive brain, what does that say about America? Anyway, under the circumstances, it will be all the more worthwhile to sit down with an album thinking about all of this. So far it has been more rewarding, but as with music words are useless in explanation. Who needs to talk anyway when you can, with your bestial writings of soul-filled miasma, melt the sun?


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§ One Response to Cymatics and the Galactic Opinion

  • Months ago, I remember you mentioning the music of the spheres, but only now do I get what you mean by it. I love how you describe humans as mere material, fully capable of an infinite transformation but tragically unwilling to out of, well, laziness a.k.a. the nihilism of the culture industry. I love how you forgo the difference between a cymatic medium, the stars, and the human brain. If music exists, then it exists everywhere and on all size scales, no?

    I can’t believe how much I agree with your views of art, living, and spirituality. We could very easily not have agreed, and that would’ve still been fine, but I am glad that Cahiers can speak univocally.

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